Growing Up

Between Coffees started in 1999 as a hobby and has grown over the years in to a full time concern. Up until 2008 the business was run part time but with the move to full time came a corresponding growth in business and now, thanks to great clients I have had to register for the GST.

From now on Between Coffees will no longer send out invoices, it’s Tax Invoices and 10% all the way. So not only do we now design great web sites, we collect tax in spare time.

Bella Moon – Our Latest Web Site

We’ve just launched Bella Moon, an online jewellery store. This site features an online store that uses PayPal for secure online payments and an online system for the site’s owner to update their stock. We have made allowance for future expansion to include an updated shopping cart and blog on the site.

You can find the site at

Department Web Sites

While I have done many medical organisation web sites and designed and built the web site I have never built a web site for a university department. This week something odd has happened – two university departments, one renal in Queensland and one radiology in Western Australia, have called to ask about sites. Must be something in the atmosphere.

What’s To Come?

This blog will be about Between Coffees Web Design, Development and Management. It will be an occasional series of news items on new sites, web technologies and news from Between Coffees.

I encourge you to add the feed to you RSS Reader, and if you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about come back soon for an explantion on what RSS is and how it can save you, and your site visitors, time.