OK, what does a website cost?

That’s a good question. And we always answer ‘I have no idea’.

No, we’re not idiots. We just need to know what you want your website to do. What do you want to achieve from your site? What do you want on it?

Once we’ve established that, we'll then decide the best way to present your content and to achieve your aims. Be prepared to be grilled, though. We’ll go rooting through the filing cabinets of your mind until we’re sure we know enough about your business.

Oh, and if we start talking about 16-bit colour or cascading style sheets, stop us right away. Once we’ve switched back to plain English and we’re sure of your needs, we’ll prepare a fixed quote. This means you get no nasty surprises - whatever happens, that’s all you’ll be asked to pay.

If you want to start the conversation, call us on 03 9016 9757 or drop us an e-mail.